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Where to Buy Ship It!

Ship It! is available in most major retail books stores and in most online book stores as well. Here are a few of the links to those sites:

United States

We first present the book's page on our publisher's web site, The Pragmatic Programmers. Buying directly from the Pragmatic Programmers means you're purchasing directly from the top of the food chain, with no middle man. That is to say, we make a lot more on each book you buy from us here instead of at Wal-Mart. ;) The Pragmatic Publishing house can also sell you PDF and book bundles not available at other vendors and the speed with which they ship books is truly mind boggling! If you order on a Saturday, it might just get mailed on Saturday! No guarantees, but it's nice to have a chance.

Purchase at Pragmatic Programmer

Now the rest of the world... ;)

The ever present Amazon.com also has Ship It! in stock.

We have a page at O'Reilly

Wal-Mart's page is here.

Barnes and Noble link

NerdBooks deserves a link just for their name!

Finally, SoftPro Books has a page as well.

Other Countries

I apologize for lumping in the rest of the world together! I just don't which are the good book shops in France, so I've to go with what Google gives me. Feel free to send me updates on your favorite stores or web sites for your region of the world.

lmet.fr has Ship It! for sale (wait a moment for the page to refresh)


TSO Online Bookshop
Comparing UK prices



To be fair, there are a lot more people selling our book. To help you find the best reseller for you, we refer to this simple Google search.