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08/2005 Ernest J. Friedman-Hill's review of Ship It! was selected as the Book Review of the Month at JavaRanch with 10 out 10 horse shoes! 

06/13/2005 Ship It: Two Words Developers Love to Hear

06/07/2005 Letter Announcing Availability

We're very pleased to announce that our latest book, "Ship It!
A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects" is now shipping from our website at http://www.pragmaticprogrammer.com/titles/prj

About this book:

Ship It! is a collection of tips that show the tools and techniques a successful project team has to use, and how to use them well.
You'll get quick, easy-to-follow advice on modern practices:
which to use, and when they should be applied.  This book avoids current fashion trends and marketing hype; instead, readers find page after page of solid advice, all tried and tested in the real world.

Aimed at beginning to intermediate programmers, Ship It! begins by introducing the common technical infrastructure that every project needs to get the job done.  Readers can choose from a variety of recommended technologies according to their skills and budgets.
The next sections outline the necessary steps to get software out the door reliably, using well-accepted, easy-to-adopt, best-of-breed practices that really work.

Finally, and most importantly, Ship It! presents common problems that teams face, then offers real-world advice on how to solve them.

For more information or to purchase this title (in paperback or PDF format), please visit our website.

Thanks for your continued support,

Andy and Dave