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What is this page?

Ship It! was written about ideas and concepts. We intentionally didn‘t use Java, C#, or Ruby examples. We wanted the book to be useful to more than one segment of the development community. However, we also recognize that knowing what tools are available is also very valuable, especially if you evaluating tools in an area you aren‘t familiar with yet.

So we added a series of Appendixes to the book, each one dealing with a category of tools. From source code management software to testing frameworks. We then decided to post a lot of that information on this page. If you like this page, we suspect you‘ll find the book useful as well. This page shows you what tools are available but the book talks about why you need the tools, how to introduce them to your teammates, and how to sell the ideas to management.

If we‘ve missed categories you‘d like to see added, let me know from the Contact Me page. We want these pages to be living, so we‘ll add tools and categories as needed.

So, enjoy!


Source Code Management

Build Scripting (or Build Automation)

Continuous Integration

Issue Tracking Software

Development Methodologies

Testing Frameworks

Did we miss a category? Let me know!